Transitions of Videography in Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppetry (wayang kulit) is one of the Indonesian cultural treasures of which typical characteristics are different from other nations. As a performing art which is enjoyed as if a movie theater in western culture, it is actually a form of Indonesian theatre that has existed since the past hundred years, i.e. earlier than years of western movie development. The present research aims at finding out the transition forms of shadow puppetry which can serve as basis of typical Indonesian motion pictures. It indicates that shadow puppetry displays a series of scenes presenting a story and inter-scene transitions. These transitions function as constraints, connectors, and synchronizers between one scene and the others to form a story that can be enjoyed by spectators. Transitions in shadow puppetry are various in forms. A puppeteer (dalang) has different style from the others in performing the inter-scene transitions of the puppetry, even when presenting an opening of his performance. The inter-scene transitions include transition by overshadowing figures, by using gunungan dances, by inserting gunungan, by sneaking to gunungan,by using gada kick, and by using gunungan kerawangan.
Keywords: transitions, shadow puppetry, videography, and gunungan

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