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Typeface as a print advertising communication element has an important role to convey the message.There are many variations in the use of type application in typography. One is a kind of decorativetypeface. The existence of decorative letters during the Dutch East Indies in terms of silografi iswidely used in newspapers. Currently the use of decorative letters is less productive because it is onlyused as a supplement and as an aesthetic element. The creation of works of decorative letters will adddigital reference letters in adopting elements of local culture in the motif. The chosen motif to thesource of creation decorative letters is like motif kawung of Surakarta and Yogyakarta batik stylesthat have a common history. The application of this new type of decorative fonts as supporting visualaesthetic in design wedding invitations, especially themed Javanese batik or marriage. The method ofcreation is through the stages of observation and exploration, experimentation, creation and applicationin the design of wedding invitation cards.

Keywords: Decorative letter, batik, wedding invitations

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Keris Symbols in The Emblem and Brand Logo


Abstract :

The Keris as a result of Indonesian culture that existed in the archipelago was born since this ancestor expe- rienced a cultural change from agrarian culture to metallurgical culture that synergize with human behavior. As a worthy artifact, keris has a personal philosophy value for the wearer, where the keris contains elements of prestige result of the wrought process is quite complicated. If modern civilization the keris disappears from the nation’s cultural behavior is due to the process of cultural hegemony outside and erodes the value of the local culture. This study uses a qualitative descrip- tive approach to analyze the function of keris icon in the symbol or brand in hermeunitic and interpret it in semiotic. So that the current keris interpreted as a symbolic visual element, then the form of a keris that curves and kris straight into the aes- thetic elements of the logo or symbol in it. From several symbols or logos showing positive values have a strong philoso- phy of spirit and unity in the symbols of provinces and districts in Indonesia. Similarly there is the national army corps like corps Marines, symbols in the world of sports such as martial arts and exist in the college logo. But there are other things as a symbol element that is worth the economic identity, as in the brand Batik Keris, and also on other brands in the realm of postmodernism contains elements of capital.

Keywords Keris, emblem, logo, brand, and corporate identity

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Transitions of Videography in Shadow Puppetry

Shadow puppetry (wayang kulit) is one of the Indonesian cultural treasures of which typical characteristics are different from other nations. As a performing art which is enjoyed as if a movie theater in western culture, it is actually a form of Indonesian theatre that has existed since the past hundred years, i.e. earlier than years of western movie development. The present research aims at finding out the transition forms of shadow puppetry which can serve as basis of typical Indonesian motion pictures. It indicates that shadow puppetry displays a series of scenes presenting a story and inter-scene transitions. These transitions function as constraints, connectors, and synchronizers between one scene and the others to form a story that can be enjoyed by spectators. Transitions in shadow puppetry are various in forms. A puppeteer (dalang) has different style from the others in performing the inter-scene transitions of the puppetry, even when presenting an opening of his performance. The inter-scene transitions include transition by overshadowing figures, by using gunungan dances, by inserting gunungan, by sneaking to gunungan,by using gada kick, and by using gunungan kerawangan.
Keywords: transitions, shadow puppetry, videography, and gunungan

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